Exhibition by Nigel Clements

MAP member Nigel Clements Nigel Clements Photography  was unable to attend the Melbourne opening of Beyond Reasonable Drought as he had an exhibition of his own opening at the same time. Titled ‘Beach Road’s Ribbon of Highs and Lows.

From the Kingston Arts website:

Nigel Clements’ photography masterfully captures the unaware and unguarded human in everyday settings. His disarmingly intimate portraits capture the splendour of our coastline against the vulnerability of the subjects captured therein.

“An ancient magnetism marks our coastline’s seasonality. All ages, shapes and outlooks visit the wild and familiar beauty here. Summer days revolve round the emergence of the sun. After glittering mornings, waist deep in cooling water, shadow figures are etched. In groups and single file we hide and seek Beach Road’s ribbon of highs and lows, where wheels and walkers co-exist tenuously against the vast skies and ancient sea below.”

This exhibition is a visual love-letter to the landscape that so enchants the artist, and will delight viewers familiar with the area, and those who are strangers to it.

Please visit the Kingston Arts website for more information.

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