Beyond Borders

Father Nhan Le

Father Nhan Le

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Many Australian Photographers (MAPgroup) have collaborated with refugees and asylum seekers on their latest project; Beyond Borders. Participants are from a range of countries including Burma, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Jordan, Columbia, Iran and Somalia. They share some of their stories and experiences.

This most recent MAPgroup project seeks to present an alternative view of some of the issues relating to asylum seekers and refugees in Australia.

The topic of asylum seekers and refugees dissects our community, yet few of us have met, befriended or shared stories with people in the unenviable position of having to seek asylum in another country. If we believe Australia is the sum of all her parts, we as citizens all benefit from knowing more about this topic, and about the people in this position.

MAPgroup photographers involved in this project are Silvi Glattauer, Julie Bowyer, Tobias Titz, Ponch Hawkes, Morganna Magee, Nicole Marie, Joseph Feil, Andrew Chapman, Naomi Herzog, Jenny Hodge, Jim McFarlane, Helga Leunig, Juanita Wilson, Julia Millowick ,Joyce Evans and last, but definitely not least, Rodney Dekker.

The video production will be screened at 12 noon Sunday 22th of June, 2014 to coincide with celebrations of World Refugee Day on The Big Screen in Federation Square, Melbourne.

More information soon!

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