Best Mates and Old Sheds

What do Best Mates and Old Sheds have in common?
On the surface, not much, but Best Mates is the title of a new book from MAPgroup photographer Melanie Faith Dove that is available from this week.

Best Mates Cover


Old Sheds is the title of another new book from fellow MAPgroup photographer Noel Butcher.


Old Sheds cover

Published by The Five Mile Press, these two titles are the first in the Australian Photographic Gallery series, with two more books due by November.

Retailing at $24.95, Old Sheds as well as Best Mates will be available at bookstores nationwide – and if they’re not, go in ask why not!
Curious? Then please follow these links:
Best Mates
Old Sheds
The Five Mile Press

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