“Political Vision,” book by Andrew Chapman.

MAPgroup founder Andrew Chapman has a new book out. If you’re interested in politics (or depressed about the current state of politics) or just into great documentary photography, this is for you. Here’s a note from Andrew:

Very proud to be announcing my latest book, “Political Vision.” “Political Vision” represents my journey from the heady days of the Vietnam Moratoriums and the election of Gough Whitlam, through to the current day politicians and their quest for government.
It witnesses the passing parade of Prime Ministers and Opposition Leaders who have plied their wares to the Australian public and takes a ‘fly on the wall’ approach to documenting the changing political climes. Taking in not only the politicians, but the minders, media and public that have surrounded them along the way.
“Political Vision” is an invaluable social document of our political journey, from the idealism of the 1970’s through to the immediacy of today’s digital age and is available through all good bookshops or through my website at www.andrewchapmanphotography.com and go to my store page for your autographed copy.


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