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MAPgroup is a non-profit photographic collective committed to high quality, independent documentary image making. Our membership includes emerging and well-established photographers who are all passionate about the documentation of social and environmental issues in Australia. We are a project-based group and we have undertaken a number of topics to date.

Among others, we are the authors of ‘Beyond Reasonable Drought’, a philanthropic photographic documentary of the impacts of the recent 12 year drought and the ingenious ways Australians coped with the lack of water; Beyond Age, a documentation of the recovery of communities impacted by the Black Saturday fires particularly as a result of the huge voluntary efforts of residents aged 65 years and over; Melbourne’s Side streets and Lane ways and the characters that populate them; and the documentation of regional centres around Victoria such as Ballarat, Ararat and Hay.

Current projects include the environmental and social impacts of asbestos. We believe asbestos will have long-term and far-reaching effects in our community and is a multi-faceted story worthy of documentation for national archival purposes, public information and education, and for the benefit of Australians impacted by asbestos. We are also focused on creating an image archive that commemorates the upcoming Bi-centenary of Anzac Day. MAPgroup is committed to the documentation of regional centres and we have weekend trips planned for the next 12 months.

The strength of MAPgroup lies in its diverse and talented membership so as a MAPgroup member you can expect to be both professionally challenged and supported. We are focused on sharing skills and ideas and facilitate this exchange through regular meetings and an online forum. MAPgroup recognises the need to maintain a strong industry so we encourage established professionals, emerging photographers and students to apply to MAPgroup as either full or student members.

To apply for membership to MAPgroup, having read, understood and agreed with the Membership Charter (below) please email a detailed summary of your professional details including a website or link to examples of your work and contact details. Your application will be assessed and you will be contacted by one of the MAP Group membership selection panel.

Membership Charter

  • MAP members display a history of documentary image making that reflects a high ethical standard, both in the capture of the image and in post-production.
  • MAP members have to show prior history in personally initiated documentary projects.
  • MAP members have demonstrated an ability to make excellent documentary photographic images.
  • MAP members agree to work voluntarily across a wide variety of areas such as photographing, collection of work/documentation/data, installation & de-installation of exhibitions, openings, sales, and transport of artwork etc.
  • MAP members must abide by the MAP Code of Ethics.
  • MAP members work on MAP projects voluntarily and at their own expense. Expenses include, travel, accommodation, meals, equipment costs, printing and framing.
  • MAP members have a community minded/inclusive approach with the aim to connect with and engage local communities in our projects.
  • Images submitted for MAP projects remain the copyrighted property of the individual photographer but once having submitted an image, members agree that the image can be used for the purposes of the MAPgroup without compensation, whether it be financial or otherwise.
  • MAP members are aware that there is no money to be made from your association with MAPgroup and that in some cases you may be asked to voluntarily contribute financially to a project to enable certain outcomes (e.g. exhibition costs where other funding is not available).
  • Submission of images on any project for any purpose does not guarantee inclusion of those images. MAP appoints committees or editors for image selection for various projects and no-one is guaranteed that their work will be selected.
  • The yearly membership fee is currently $40, which includes the opportunity to attend meetings, participate in MAP’s photographic projects and receive regular updates about MAP’s activities. Fees are payable for the financial year.
  • MAP members must be active to maintain membership. MAP membership is cancelled after a period of one year of inactivity in MAP projects.

New Members Selection Criteria

  • Selection to MAP membership is at the discretion of the MAP Selection Committee, who have been appointed on behalf of, and represent, all MAP membership.
  • The MAP selection Committee will assess the following when considering membership;

– Quality of images in portfolio

– Demonstrated history of personal documentary projects

– Aptitude / Experience in working on group projects

– Recommendations of existing MAP members

– Other skills which may be of assistance to the group

– Enthusiasm for documentary photography

  • New Member applicants will be required to submit a portfolio of images to the MAP Selection Committee.
  • New Member applicants will be required to submit details of personal documentary photography projects they have worked on.
  • New member applicants may be required to be interviewed by the MAP Selection Committee.
  • New Members who are selected into MAP will be required to participate in a project, volunteer to assist in a non-photographic area and attend MAP meetings in their first 6 months of membership in order for membership to be continued longer than 6 months.
  • There is no explicit limit on the number of MAP photographers. If the membership committee feels that a photographer’s work is of a high standard and photographers remain active in the group, then the number of members will continue to grow.
  • It is the aim of the MAP group to have a strong number of members in all states and territories and for there to be a mix of genders.

Upon receipt of an enquiry, an applicant will receive an information pack and application form. The membership committee will meet four times throughout the year to discuss new membership applications. We will contact all applicants so they are aware of the process and when their application will be discussed.

MAPgroup Executive

March 2012

Enquiries and applications to mapgroupinfo@gmail com or you may prefer to use the contact box below

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