Joining Mapgroup

MAPgroup is a non-profit photographic association committed to high quality, independent documentary image making. The strength of MAPgroup lies in its diverse and talented membership, which includes emerging and well-established practitioners. MAPgroup embraces the sharing of skills and ideas and facilitate this exchange through regular meetings and an online forum. As a MAPgroup member, you can expect to be both professionally challenged and supported.

How to apply

To apply for MAPgroup, please follow the below process:

1. Please read the Membership Charter and New Members Selection Criteria (below). 

2. Download and complete the application form and save as a PDF. Prepare your photographs as per the specifications on the application form.

3. Email the completed PDF and photographs to: In the email’s subject, please write “Membership application” and add your name. 

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application and your application will be forwarded to the MAPgroup Selection Committee who will assess your application. You will then be notified of the outcome. Please note, the Selection Committee only meets two to three times per year, so it can take several months to receive an outcome.

* Incomplete applications will not be forwarded to the committee, so please ensure you have met all requirements.

For any further enquires about joining MAPgroup, please email:


Membership Charter

  • MAPgroup members display a history of documentary image making that reflects a high ethical standard, both in the capture of the image and in post-production.
  • MAPgroup members have to show prior history in personally initiated documentary projects.
  • MAPgroup members have demonstrated an ability to make excellent documentary photographic images.
  • MAPgroup members agree to work voluntarily across a wide variety of areas such as photographing, collection of work/documentation/data, installation and de-installation of exhibitions, openings, sales, and transport of artwork etc.
  • MAPgroup members must abide by the MAPgroup Code of Ethics.
  • MAPgroup members work on MAPgroup projects voluntarily and at their own expense. Expenses may include, travel, accommodation, meals, equipment costs, printing and framing.
  • MAPgroup has a community minded and inclusive approach and we aim to connect with and engage local communities in our projects.
  • Images submitted for MAPgroup projects remain the copyrighted property of the individual photographer but once having submitted an image, members agree that the image can be used for the purposes of MAPgroup without compensation, whether it be financial or otherwise.
  • MAPgroup members are aware that there is no money to be made from their association with MAPgroup and that in some cases they may be asked to voluntarily contribute financially to a project to enable certain outcomes (e.g. exhibition costs where other funding is not available).
  • Submission of images to any project for any purpose does not guarantee inclusion of those images. MAPgroup appoints committees or editors for image selection for various projects and no-one is guaranteed that their work will be selected.
  • The annual membership fee of $100 which includes the opportunity to attend meetings, participate in MAPgroup’s photographic projects and receive regular updates about MAPgroup’s activities. Fees are payable for the financial year.
  • MAPgroup members must be active to maintain membership. MAPgroup membership may be cancelled due to non-participation in MAPgroup projects.


New Members Selection Criteria

  • Selection to MAPgroup membership is at the discretion of the MAPgroup Selection Committee, who have been appointed on behalf of, and represent, all MAPgroup membership.
  • The MAPgroup Selection Committee will assess the following when considering membership:
    • Quality of images in portfolio
    • Demonstrated history of personal documentary projects
    • Aptitude/experience in working on group projects
    • Recommendations of existing MAPgroup members
    • Other skills that may be of assistance to the group
    • Enthusiasm for documentary photography
  • New Member applicants will be required to submit a portfolio of images to the MAPgroup Selection Committee.
  • New member applicants will be required to submit details of personal documentary photography projects they have worked on.
  • New member applicants may be required to be interviewed by the MAPgroup Selection Committee.
  • New Members who are selected into MAPgroup will be required to participate in a project, volunteer to assist in a non-photographic area and attend MAPgroup meetings in their first 6 months of membership in order for membership to be continued longer than 6 months.
  • There is no explicit limit on the number of MAPgroup photographers. If the membership committee feels that a photographer’s work is of a high standard and photographers remain active in the group, then the number of members will continue to grow.
  • It is the aim of MAPgroup to have a strong number of members in all states and territories and for there to be a mix of genders.